Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find a range of services to help you deal with differing psychosexual dysfunctions. These conditions are often associated with underlying feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment. Regardless of the problem, I can help you identify the cause and find ways of successfully dealing with it, happily bringing unnecessary suffering to an end.


Psychosexual Therapy


Sex Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach to helping people with sexual dysfunctions when there is no medical cause for the problem.Usually these individuals experience deep psychological distress because of their sexual dysfunction and is in need of psycho-sexual interventions to resolve the issues..

Relationship Therapy


Couples counselling is a form of therapy that looks to improve communication and resolve issues within an intimate relationship. In contrast to therapy, which can be undertaken solely through individual sessions, couples counselling is a term applied to talk therapy for two people within a relationship.



I am delighted to invite you to ‘Sex Matters’ a quarterly workshop where you can openly, safely and confidentially discuss issues to do with sex and intimacy with an experienced therapist and each other. Sex Matters is held at my Harley Street Practice and is a fantastic opportunity to talk about sex without the shame, guilt or embarrassment so often experienced by individuals.

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