Couples Counselling

Human beings tend to know how to form close bonds with others instinctively and are sociable creatures. That said, many may find that whilst forming bonds or being part of a social group seem easy for some, for others fully embracing the skills to enable this to happen to its full potential may be more difficult. This is where I can help you as your relationship counsellor. By having regular sessions with me, I can help you to increase your confidence and develop the skills necessary for achieving and maintaining successful relationships.

shutterstock_147017957Problems in relationships often happen as we begin to lose touch with our instincts and can become over cautious about our interactions and intimacies. This can arise from many factors; the loss of self-worth, or self-respect, the pressures of daily life and bad experiences in past relationships that forge the habit of distrusting others. However, we are almost all aware, no matter how subconsciously, that it is our relationships, whether they be intimate, familial, or platonic, that are pivotal in creating and sustaining happiness in life.

As a relationship counsellor I offer encouragement by prompting you to come to your own conclusions about the given problem(s) in your relationship and give you confidence to make positive changes. This experience is something you can take away with you and use in all aspects of your daily life for years to come and not only during your counselling time with me. For example, there may be a perceived need to ‘hang on’ to a failing relationship even if it’s unsuccessful, where letting go may be the simple answer. Perhaps something that began as a small problem has led to a large barrier that has affected a number of aspects of your relationship. Identifying, and getting over this small problem may relieve a number of other issues. I am here to help you decide what is best for you.


If you think counselling could help you, please make contact. Take the first step with someone who will understand your situation, respect your feelings, and help find the solution you deserve.