Sex Coaching

Every step takes you closer to your goal
Every step takes you closer to your goal

Non-contact Sex Coaching for adults age 18 and over who want to become either more confident in themselves, more comfortable and relaxed with others, or just want to have better sex.

‘Sex is not a natural act like breathing, it’s a talent, like dancing. Some are good at it, some are not, but most can learn how to make it better’.

Dr Leonore Tiefer

Sex Coaching is a dynamic and interactive client centred solution focused approach for dealing with sexual concerns. The fundamental difference between Sex Coaching and Sex Therapy is a person who comes for sex coaching usually does not regard themselves as having any psychological problems, but is interested in sexual and personal growth and regard sex coaching as a pathway for deepening sexual experience.

As your sex coach I can point you in the right direction for having great sex. Having great sex is a desire most people long for. Unfortunately, not everyone has great sex and for various reasons, sadly some couples do not have any sex at all.shutterstock_147232670

I can help you bring about positive change in your sex life by helping you identify the obstacles that get in the way of you having great sex. For example, the most common problem couples have with sex is that they simply don’t talk about it enough, or openly. This may be for any number of reasons; shame, guilt or embarrassment to name but a few. Another common problem is a general lack of knowledge about the human body and the sexual organs in particular. Getting to know your partner’s body and erogenous zones is key for infusing your life with great sex.

Through coaching I can also help you gain personal insights and identify positive changes that will help you rediscover the passion, eroticism, sensuality and intimacy that comes with having great sex. Sex coaching is an extremely effective and exciting way of putting confidence, bliss and euphoria into your sex life and what is more, you can have fun while you are doing so.

One of the great things about sex coaching is that it can be done over the phone and therefore not be restricted by geographical boundaries, which means I can work with you virtually anywhere you are in the world. Phone coaching is also discrete, confidential and convenient.


How long is the course of coaching and how long each session will last?

I offer four thirty-minute sessions via the telephone at agreed times a month, with unlimited emails. 

During the times between sessions

Couple and hugging on bed in bedroom, in passion you will be set exercises and goal achievements that we will agree on in each session.

Because you are unique, your needs are likely to be different from the next person. To ensure your unique needs are addressed appropriately an open-ended engagement is more likely in terms of the duration of coaching.

What format will the sessions take?

The aim of the coaching sessions is to get from stage 2/3 to stage 4 as highlighted in the model below. This model identifies four stages that signify the progression to permanently changed behaviour. Alongside this basic understanding of coaching I use other models and techniques to move you through the stages.

(1) Unconscious incompetence “I don’t even know that I don’t know what I don’t know.”

(2) Conscious incompetence “I now know where I ought to be and what I ought to be doing, but I don’t know how to get myself there, or get myself to do it.”

(3) Conscious competence “I know now how to make it happen, and I know I can do it, but I have to keep reminding myself to do it, and I fall off the wagon regularly.”

(4) Unconscious competence “I just do it.  I only think about it when I don’t do it, and I then just go do it.”

How much does the coaching cost and how do I make payment?

The cost for sex and relationship coaching starts from £500 per month. Payment can be made via PayPal or visa debit.

What can I expect at the end of the sessions?

You can expect results when the coaching sessions end. You will feel happier, self-actualized and better able to establish and maintain relationships as well as more fulfilled in your intimate sexual relationships.

Can I be guaranteed confidentiality?

All information gathered within a coaching session is strictly confidential, however there may be certain instances when I am required by law to break confidentiality. If I am provided with information that may indicate a threat to your own life, or that of someone else, I reserve the right to report the information to your GP, emergency services or the police. Before proceeding with this, I would inform you of my intentions.

 What do you mean by sexuality?

Sexuality describes the way in which a person expresses himself or herself as a sexual being. However, sexuality is a much broader and more complicated issue than simply the choice of partner. Whilst for many people it can be important not to pigeonhole a person’s sexuality, there are, for simplicity’s sake, three main categories; heterosexuality, homosexuality and bi-sexuality. It is important to note that people are unable to choose their sexual orientation and should not be pressured into conforming to what society may consider as the ‘norm’.


If you think sex coaching could help you, please make contact. Take the first step with someone who will understand your condition, respect your feelings, and help find the solution you deserve.